Annual Drubchen at Bylakuppe this year is Amitabha Buddha


A message from Ayang Rinpoche: 


Dear All,


We have annual Drubchens at the monasteries at Dechen Choekhor Ling in Mundgod and Thupten Shedrub Jangchub Ling in Bylakuppe.  The Annual Drubchen at Bylakuppe this year is Amitabha Buddha and will  begin from August 6 and last between 11-14 days depending on when the total count of 1 billion Buddha Amitabha mantra is accumulated.  The Drubchen will be presided by Khenpo Konchog Tashi. All the  Rinpoches, Khenpos, Monks, Nuns and Lay people will be chanting Buddha Amitabha mantras to accumulate the1 billion total during the Drubchen.

Ayang Rinpoche requests that all Buddhist practitioners and others associated with the Amitabha Foundation worldwide contribute to this practice and send their recitations of the Buddha Amitabha Mantra to accumulate the 1 billion total. Mantras may be accumulated and the totals sent in daily between August 6 to August 15. Send your mantra totals through the Amitabha Foundation in your own country,

or directly to or

The Buddha Amitabha mantra is OM AMI DEWA HRI.

The total expenses of the Drubchen is approximately $30,000. People who wish to dedicate prayers for their loved ones living or dead and like to sponsor or donate towards meals, butter lamp, Tsog,  tea, alter, offerings for monks and nuns, management and travel expenses,  may kindly send in their contributions through Amitabha Foundation in your own country

Amitabha Foundation Inc. Commonwealth Bank cheque account. BSB 062-109 Account 10083971

or directly to the monastery’s account (see the information below).

Thank you.

DCS Administration

Account Number: 17082200011214
Account Name: Drikung Charitable Society
Bank Name: Syndicate Bank, Bylakuppe -571104 Branch
Bank Address: Kagyudpa Monastic InstituteP.O.Bylakuppe 571104, Mysore District, Karnataka State, India
Swift Code USD: SYNBIN BB 118 BKTRUS 33
Swift Code UK Pound: SYNBIN BB 118 BARCCB 22
Swift Code Euro: SYNBIN BB 118 DUTCH BANK-953492610
Swiss Franc: SYNBINN BB 118 UBSWCH2H 80A

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