H.E Ayang Rinpoche to teach in Sydney this November : Booking Link and Info here!

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AF Rinpoche Teaching 2019
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AF Rinpoche Teachimng 2019
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Stop Press: 3-week Learn to Meditate course from Tuesday 10 th to Tuesday 24 th September inclusive

Due to demand, we are holding a 3-week Learn to Meditate course from Tuesday 10 – 24 th September inclusive. Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm. Venue: Amitabha Foundation, 79 Edgeworth David Ave., Waitara. Cost: $10 donation per class (optional).

Information: Jane Crancher Tel. 9487 7404 after 11am any day

AF Learn to Meditate Course

School Holiday & Term 3, 2019 Programme – Download Here

Everyone is welcome to come and try our courses and meditation sessions.

A donation of $10 per class is suggested, less if you are unemployed or are
experiencing financial hardship. We are committed to making our activities available
to everyone, so this donation is voluntary. However, your generosity is what enables
us to continue our activities for the benefit of all who need them.

There is no need to enrol. Just come along. Chairs and meditation cushions

AF Program_T3_2019

1) Learn to Meditate Course – Wednesday Nights 7pm to 8.30pm


How to Meditate. Wednesday nights!

This self-contained 3-week unit is for anyone who would like to learn how to meditate. It is designed to be suitable for those of any religious faith or none.
This is also where anyone interested in following our programme of the practice and study of Tibetan Buddhism should start. Buddhism cannot be meaningfully engaged with unless we have a foundation of meditation, and the Tibetan approach to meditation differs in some ways from other techniques commonly taught.

No enrolment needed. Chairs and cushions provided. Suggested donation: $10 per class.
Wednesday 7.00pm – 8.30pm • See latest Term Program for dates

Meditation Course Term 1 2019



2) The Path to Buddhahood. Wednesday Nights 7pm to 8.30pm

Wednesday 7.00pm – 8.30pm •  See latest Term Program for dates

While continuing to establish a firm foundation of meditation practice, students can explore the Buddhist path of wisdom and compassion further in this course. It is based on Gampopa’s “Jewel Ornament of Liberation”, one of the two major guides to the spiritual path taught to serious seekers and practitioners in our tradition.
The course is designed for both beginner and intermediate students. It covers assumed material for anyone receiving empowerment or teaching from HE Ayang Rinpoche.
Text: “Path to Buddhahood: Teachings on Gampopa’s Jewel Ornament of Liberation” by Ringu Tulku. Shambala, 2003.

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  • Bodghya 2020 Phowa dates Jan 13 to 22!
    Ayang Rinpoche is a world-renowned master of Phowa (transference of consciousness at the time of death). Rinpoche says, “My Phowa teaching is for a joyful end to one’s life. While you are alive, don’t forget about preparing for your death, as we don’t know when or how our life will end.”
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  • Gompa Gazette – Monthly News from Bylakuppe Monastery
    This news letter is compiled monthly by Ani Samten.  It provides a charming insight into life at the monastery. GONPA GAZETTE 12-15
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  • Photos from Hong Kong Teachings
    Below are some photos taken at Rinpoche’s current Hong Kong teachings.
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  • 2017 Phowa Teachings in Bodhgaya Dates
    Bodhgaya, India Phowa Teachings From January 17 – January 26.    
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  • Rinpoche, Truelha, Monks and AF staff distributing aid in Nepal
    Just received some photos from Truelha from Nepal. Rinpoche and monks and staff of AF Nepal distributing free army tents to the far flung villages who have been affected by the earthquake. The displaced villagers are from Situpalchowk who are now temporarily staying in Boudha, Kapan and Gorkhana areas. Please click this link for Photos
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  • Damage to Nepal Temple During Earthquake
    Dear Friends, There was a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal today, which was centered about 50 miles northeast of Kathmandu. In addition to the massive destruction and loss of life in the city of Kathmandu, the earthquake caused damage to the Amitabha Retreat Center (Opak Kyilkhor Chöling). True Lhamo wrote this morning: The monks were [...]
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  • Medical volunteer needed at monastery
    A volunteer medical professional is needed as soon as possible at Ayang Rinpoche’s monastery in South India. The monastery prefers an experienced, retired male; but will consider an experienced retired/of retirement age female without family obligations. The minimum commitment is one year. A Protected Area Permit (PAP) is required, and the monastery will help with that. There is [...]
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