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Rinpoche_smileThe Amitabha Foundation is a Tibetan Buddhist Centre located in a beautiful former church on Sydney’s north shore, close to Hornsby, Wahroonga and Waitara railway stations. The Spiritual Director of the Foundation is His Eminence Choje Ayang Rinpoche, a senior Lama in the Drikung Kagyu lineage who also holds and teaches from the Nyingma lineage.

We offer meditation courses, study and practice groups for people interested in the Buddhadharma, regular public drop-in meditation sessions and the opportunity to become part of a supportive spiritual community.


Rinpoche guides the Amitabha Foundation Australia, like all his centres world-wide, to express the “two wings of the bird” of the Buddha’s teaching. One “wing” is wisdom: providing the opportunity for people to receive, study and practise the authentic teachings of Buddhism in a warm and supportive environment which welcomes people from all backgrounds, cultures and degrees of experience in the Buddhadharma. The other “wing” is compassion: providing active service and help to both our local community and to disadvantaged people in Tibet, Nepal and India.

P1010867We offer the opportunity to support the development of our Spiritual Director’s great Buddha Amitabha Temple and Retreat Centre in Nepal, as well as the Phowa teaching centre he is developing in Bodhgaya, his monasteries, nunnery and Kalimpong retreat centre. We also support small business, women’s health and education projects in remote far east Tibet (Kham) and run a successful sponsorship scheme for Tibetan refugees in India.



 How to find us


79 Edgeworth David  Road

Waitara, NSW

Phone: 02 8250 5213

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Whats on

  • Term 3, 2016 Programme – Download Here
    To download the Term 3, 2016 Programme, select the link below. Everyone is welcome to come and try our courses and meditation sessions. If you are interested in Buddhism, we recommend that you start with both ‘The Basis of Tibetan Buddhism’ and the ‘Learn to Meditate’ courses. These will give you a firm foundation. Then, [...]
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  • 1) Learn to Meditate Course
    We have 1 course running this term! Tuesday Evenings  7 pm- 8  pm  30 August – 20 September   Learn to Meditate. For those new to meditation, and anyone wishing to refresh their practice or learn new techniques  and insights from the Tibetan tradition. People of all religious faiths – and none – are equally [...]
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  • 2) The Basis of Tibetan Buddhism – The Lojong
    Tuesday Morning: 11am – 12noon 26 July – 20 September: This course is repeated on: Wednesday Evening: 7pm – 8pm  27 July – 21 September: This year-long course takes the student from entering the spiritual path through training the mind in kindness and into contemplating the nature of reality itself. It is an opportunity to face [...]
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  • 3) Public Meditation Sessions
    Mon 7.30 – 8.30 pm 25 July – 19 September Sunday 9.30 – 10.30 am – all year Everyone welcome to a peaceful hour of silence to do your own meditation practice. Not a course – but basic guidance is available if needed.
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  • 4) Tibetan Buddhist Practice Sessions
    Sunday Morning  11:00am start These group practice sessions are for those who have received teachings on the practice from His Eminence Ayang Rinpoche. Full Phowa practice takes 2 hours; other practices may be shorter depending on the preferences of those who attend. Sun 31 July…..10-levels Amitabha Sun 7 Aug ……Nyingma Phowa Sun 14 Aug ….Vajrasattva [...]
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  • 5) 100,000 Songs of Milarepa
    Fri 7.30pm  – 9.00pm  29 July – 23 September A group for those with a serious interest in and experience of Tibetan Buddhist practice, studying The 100,000 Songs of Milarepa, trans Garma C.C. Chang.  
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